Senior Wing


  1. Like the Junior Wing, the Senior Wing of the school is also ideally located. The Senior Wing is located in the adjacent Sector-4 of Urban Estate, Kurukshetra. Both the wings are on the same road in close proximity to each other.
  2. Gently welcoming, fully air-conditioned, spacious, modern and ‘interactive’ (Smart) classrooms connected to internet to make learning a live, visual and vibrant experience
  3. Wisdom has the least number of students’ strength per section which helps in proper monitoring, personalised attention and fruitful output. The strength of students per section is:
    • Grade 6 to 8 : 30 || Grade 9 and 10 : 35 || Grade 11 and 12 : 40
  4. Reasoning as a regular subject from Grade 3 onwards upto Grade 12. The school also conducts Wisdom Reasoning Olympiad (WRO) for all the students.
  1. Information Technology Laboratories to train students in the use of computers
  2. Self-Management as a regular subject from Kindergarten to Grade 8
  3. Teaching of Japanese and German Languages as optional subjects from Grade 6 to 10
  4. Skill Education as per New Education Policy offering the following optional subjects:
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coding Data Science Design
      Multimedia Mass Media Financial Literacy
  5. Cultural Exchange Programmes with Japanese schools
  6. Tie-up with Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan for assured scholarships to pursue higher education in Japan
  7. Aadhar and Udaan batches to prepare students for competitive examinations like Olympiads, JEE Main/Advanced and NEET etc. within the school timings;no need for any coaching outside the school
  8. Preparation of students for competitive examinations like CA (Foundation) and for entrance examination for central universities (CUET)
  9. Modern, well-equipped laboratories/workshops for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Fine Art and Self-Management
  10. Well-stocked, student-friendly, modern digital library
  11. A very modern and spacious open-air theatre (Amphitheatre)
  12. A very modern, indoor sports arena
  13. Multiple Microwave Stations on every floor to serve hot tiffin to all students during winters
  14. Wisdom “Clubs” to make students ‘follow their heart’
  15. A modern, spacious Dance Studio to train students in classical, folk as well as western dances
  16. Creative Arts Workshop and exhibition arena to nurture the inherent talent of students in fine art, commercial art, origami and other crafts
  17. Skating Rink of International Standards
  18. Training in gymnastics, yoga, skating, handball, cricket, table tennis, badminton and kabaddi provided by professionally qualified coaches
  19. Training in Organic Farming within school campus
  20. Air-Conditioned, modern Girls Hostel for meritorious girls of Grade 9 onwards