Important Notes for Parents

    1. All the parents are requested to go through all the Regulations given herewith carefully and follow the same in letter and spirit. Likewise, parents are also requested to read all the Circulars sent by the school from time to time and take the necessary action, wherever required. They are supposed to meet the given deadlines without any reminders from the school. Ignorance or lack of knowledge of the Regulations/Circulars cannot be treated as an excuse for not following the guidelines. Parents’ cooperation in this regard is highly solicited . This will certainly help in maintaining a smooth and healthy relationship between the parents and the school.
    2. The role of Class Educators/Subject Educators is limited to academics only. Parents are welcome to discuss with them the academic matters related to their wards. But when it comes to official/financial matters, parents are supposed to get in touch with the school office through the Reception.
    3. All the communication with the school is supposed to be in writing. Parents can send applications addressed to the Principal either through email at info@wisdom.edu.in or hard copy. Any verbal communication to anybody in the school will not be entertained under any circumstances.
    4. Parents are requested to be polite and courteous towards members of the school staff. They should keep in mind that the staff at the school reception as well as in the school office are also human beings having self-respect. Parents are not supposed to talk loudly or use abusive language while dealing with them. Kindly treat them as you yourself would like to be treated.
    5. Keeping in view the convenience of the visiting parents and the smooth functioning of the school, we have fixed the visiting schedule of the parents to meet the school administration as under:
Administrative Functionary Days
Junior Wing Senior Wing
Mrs. Anita Rawal, Director &
Mrs. Poonam Rawal, Vice-Principal
Tuesday, Thursday ------
Mrs. Sangeeta Bahl, Principal ------ Wednesday, Friday
Visiting Hours: 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Parents are requested to fix up the meeting in advance by calling the Front Desk (Reception).