Junior Wing


  1. The Junior Wing of the school is ideally located in Sector-8 of Urban Estate, Kurukshetra which is situated in the centre of all the residential sectors of the Urban Estate.
  2. Gently welcoming, fully air-conditioned, spacious, modern and ‘interactive’ (Smart) classrooms connected to internet to make learning a live, visual and vibrant experience
  3. Wisdom has the least number of students’ strength per section which helps in proper monitoring, personalized attention and fruitful output. The strength of students per section is:
    • Kindergarten : 27
    • Grade 1 to 5 : 30
  4. International Pre-School Curriculum (IPC) for Kindergarten students
  5. Individual, dedicated storage area in classrooms for all the Pre-Primary students to keep bags and water bottles
  1. Two separate splash pools/fun-filled water park with spiral slides and fountains
  2. Academic presentation by students of all the Kindergarten classes right in front of their parents at the end of the first term
  3. Information Technology Laboratory to train students in the use of computers. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Coding are regular subjects from Grade 3 onwards,Python programming language is taught from Grade 4 onwards
  4. Reasoning as a regular subject from Grade 3 onwards
  5. Financial Literacy as a regular subject from Grade 5 onwards
  6. Self- Management as a regular subject from kindergarten onwards
  7. Composite Lab for practical training in Science, Mathematics and Social Science
  8. Multiple Microwave Stations on every floor to serve hot tiffin to all students during winters
  9. Two separate Dinning Halls for students of Kindergarten classes
  10. Fully air-conditioned, modern auditorium with 300 seating capacity
  11. Single seating arrangement in all the classrooms
  12. Digital Communication Studio to train students in public speaking; to expose them to the world of multimedia and mass communication and to develop listening and speaking skills
  13. Music Studio to develop the skills in vocal as well as instrumental music
  14. Dance Studios to train students in classical, folk as well as western dances
  15. Creative Arts Workshop to nurture the inherent talent of students in fine art, commercial art, origami and other crafts
  16. Training in gymnastics, yoga, skating and table tennis provided by professionally qualified coaches
  17. Tuck shop for hygienic snacks and refreshment