Wisdom Students Council

Wisdom Student Council

We, at Wisdom, intend to provide varied opportunities and platforms aimed at students’ growth. Wisdom Student Council is formed to stimulate minds and convert ideas into actions. Students of Grade VIII – Grade XIIget to participate and be a part of the council. At this stage of a student’s life it is very important to understand and respect responsibility and begin to understand oneself as a Leader or a Follower. For Wisdom Student Council, we have recognised 5 traits in a student that needs to be honed and worked upon – Responsibility, Leadership, Empathy, Discipline and Innovation. The council is provided with a set of duties and freedom to work in and around them. The set of duties which involve a direct interaction with the school management and teachers, revolve around the entire routine of a school running apart from the various
activities and events that take place.
The selection process begins with a written round which speaks about the students’ ambitions, desires, quest for learning and their love for the school. This is followed by a one-on-one interview with the school Principal, Director and the senior faculty. The selected students have to be a part of a trial run on the basis of which the final council members are selected. Wisdom Student Council comprising of 9 Ministers, 2 Educators and 25 Council Representatives play an important role in the daily running of the school, the Namaste Campaign, Third Bell, Celebrations and Utsav.