About Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is a renowned tourist destination attracting pilgrims from all over India and abroad due to its historical and religious significance. It is located 160 kilometers north of Delhi in the state of Haryana on National Highway-I. It is easily accessible from Delhi by rail or road. The importance of the place is attributed to the fact that the famous battle of Mahabharata was fought on this land as mentioned in the epic called Mahabharata.

This place is also renowned as the birth place of theĀ Bhagvad Gita which is the divine sermon delivered by Lord Krishna to the mighty Arjuna when, on the eve of the Great War, He found Arjuna wavering from his duty to fight the evil forces since they happened to be his kith and kin. It is because of this divine preaching by Lord Krishna that the old town, which is part of the larger Kurukshetra, is called Sthaneshwar (the Place of God).