Disciplinary Regulations

  1. The observance of rules of discipline and good behaviour shall be a condition essential to a student’s continuance in a school. All the cases related to discipline issues are referred to a Disciplinary Committee constituted by the school. The Disciplinary Committee investigates the matter, talks to the student/s concerned and their parents and recommends the action to the Principal who takes the final decision about the punishment to be given. The nature of punishment depends upon the gravity of indiscipline. It can be in the form of fine or detention during the break. In case of serious nature of indiscipline, it can also be expulsion or rustication from the school. It is hereby clarified that expulsion or rustication are not applicable to students studying upto Grade VIII.
  2. Fine may be imposed on a student in the following cases namely :
  1. late attendance
  2. absence from class without proper application from the parent or guardian
  3. truancy which means absence from class/school for more than 30 minutes without any permission three times during the academic year
  4. wilful damage to school property
  5. delay in payment of school fees and dues
  1. Expulsion or rustication is applicable to students studying in Grade IX and above. This punishment is given only in cases of grave offences where the retention of the student in the school is likely to endanger its moral tone of discipline.
  1. non-payment of fees and other dues for 10 days after the last day for payment
  2. continued absence without leave for six consecutive days by a student of class IX to XII and ten consecutive days for a student of class VIII or below