Seat Reservation Regulations

All the parents whose wards are studying in the school and who want that their wards should continue studying in the school in the next session also are  supposed to reserve their seats for the next academic session in the month of February every year. They are supposed to fill an online proforma and deposit a sum of Rs.5000/- as Reservation Fee. This fee is just an advance payment which is later adjusted in the first quarterly charges at the time of admission in the next class. This amount is refundable upto 31st March of the same year only in case the parents submit a verifiable proof of shifting to some other place out of Kurukshetra due to transfer or any other reason. In such a case, the parents have to write an application requesting for refund alongwith a valid proof of shifting and a documentary proof of the student’s admission in some other school out of Kurukshetra before 31st March. No refund is made for any other reason whatsoever. Also no request for refund is entertained after 31st March.