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Clubs Wisdom

Clubs Wisdom is a forum to provide a number of professional and vocational platforms to our Senior Wing students of Grade VI onwards. The purpose of these clubs is to make the students identify and discover themselves and ‘follow their heart’. In the given educational scenario there is hardly any scope for students to make out what they want to do in life. Amitabh Bachchan once said in an interview, “I was lucky that early in life, I knew correctly that I wanted to become an actor. I have come across several people in my life who do not know what to do with themselves”.

Very true. To figure out what one wants to do is quite an arduous task. Failing to figure it out results in a blind rat race with every student running about, taking tuitions to seek admission in an engineering or a medical college even if one is least inclined to become a doctor or an engineer. Wisdom wants to help its students solve this dilemma.