Wisdom Aquatic Awareness Club (WAAC) has been established by the students of Wisdom World School, Kurukshetra.
The Club aims to spread awareness amongst the masses to save aquatic life from the Impacts of Adverse Human Activities. We understand that human beings need to become caretakers of the earth rather than dominating the fragile species. They should lend a helping hand to them. In this context, the first step we need to take is to undo the harm done till now to nature and further conserve it with our small steps. The WAAC is dedicated to ‘corrective action and preventive action’ to spread awareness about safeguarding an integral part of the eco-system i.e., aquatic life.

WAAC has started a campaign of reaching out to the water bodies where aquatic life is threatened due to unchecked pollution or due attention. It aims to work on spreading awareness, conducting research and developing useful reports for planning, organising interactions between stakeholders and experts, arranging support for resources etc.

The Journey started with our first visit on 6th December 2021 to Brahmsar Pond in Thana village spread over 100 acres carrying some vulnerable species of turtles, a variety of fishes and visiting migratory birds. It is worth mentioning that the WAAC led project has been selected for the State level in the National Children’s Science Congress 2022.

  • Identifying Waterbodies where intervention is required
  • Approaching the stakeholders and research about the causes
  • Making an Intervention Map and developing holistic strategy taking all stakeholders in confidence
  • Engaging in the segregation of waste at various levels
  • Cleaning of the water bodies i.e., removal of plastic, polythene etc.
  • Awareness regarding less use of plastic/polythene and Engaging masses to ensure that no plastic/polythene waste is dumped in drains or water bodies resulting in the choking of the aquatic organisms
  • Organising Awareness Activities and Camps to train people in making organic manure and biofertilizers using the waste materials
  • Arranging resources to contribute towards proper feed to the aquatic creatures
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