Fee Regulations

First and foremost, we wish to point out that the school fee and other charges are announced much before the beginning of the session. Any raise in the fee and other charges is decided before the admission process starts in February. The same is duly printed in the Information Brochure. It is also communicated to the parents of the students already studying in the school and the parents are requested to reserve their seats for the next session by paying a nominal fee which is adjusted in the Annual Charges at the time of admission. It may be noted that the school reserves the right to enhance the fee by a maximum of 10% of the total existing fee every year. Once the fee is announced, no raise in fee is done throughout the session.

  1. Tuition Fee is payable for the whole academic year i.e. 12 months from April to March.
  2. Transport Charges are to be paid for 11 months excluding the month of June in case of students joining in April right in the beginning of the session. However, in case a student opts for transport after April, transport charges for the whole month of joining will be payable.
  3. The school offers only two Fee Payment Plans — Quarterly and Annual. Parents are supposed to select any one of the two plans as per their choice.
  4. Annual Fee Payment plan can be opted only at the beginning of the session in April.
  5. In case of Annual Fee Payment Plan, all the charges for the whole year are to be deposited in one go. In such a case, a discount/waiver of one month’s Tuition Fee is given. Parents are requested to contact the school office to avail this discount.
  6. In case of Quarterly Fee Payment Plan, the academic year is divided into four quarters as under :
Quarterly distribution of the Academic year
Quarter – I April to June
Quarter – II July to September
Quarter – III October to December
Quarter – IV January to March
  1. The Admission Fee (if applicable), the Annual Charges along with the Tuition Fee and the Transport Charges for the 1st quarter are to be deposited at the time of admission. However, the Tuition Fee and the Transport Charges for the remaining three quarters are supposed to be paid in advance at the beginning of every quarter before the 10th day of the month. For example, the quarterly charges for the second quarter from July – September are to be paid between 1st and 10th July.
  2. Parents are supposed to deposit the fee ONLINE in HDFC Bank. The payment can be made through Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking

Fee procedure

Step I Visit the school website www.wisdom.edu.in
Step II Click the button 'ONLINE PAYMENT'
Step III Enter the Scholar Number without slash & for year. For example: 701/2012 to be entered as 701
  1. Follow the given instructions to proceed further.
  2. Last date to deposit the fee (without late fee) : upto 24:00 midnight of the 10th day of due month. It is the sole responsibility of the parents to remember to deposit the dues on time. The school is under no obligation to send reminders.
  3. Late fee deposit regulations:
    After the due date the system will automatically charge a late fee fine @ Rs. 50/- per day till the dues are cleared.
  1. Admission Fee once paid is non-refundable under all circumstances.
  2. Tuition Fee, Transport Charges and Robotics Fee (if applicable) are to be paid till the month of withdrawal of the child. Any amount paid beyond that month will be refunded.
  3. Annual Charges will be refunded on quarterly basis.


Parents are requested to deposit the dues in time to avoid late fee fine. Any request for waver of late fee fine will not be entertained in any case.