Salient Features


that make us Stand-Out

  1. Wisdom World School is ideally located with its Junior Wing in Sector-8 and Senior Wing in Sector-4 which are the adjacent sectors in the centre of all the sectors of Urban Estate, Kurukshetra. It is truly a neighbourhood school for the residents of Urban Estate.
  2. Both the Junior Wing and the Senior Wing buildings are ‘single-loaded’ which means that we do not have any classrooms facing each other. This feature makes the buildings very airy, properly well-lit and ventilated. They are beautifully landscaped with well-maintained lawns and round the year blooming flowers. Both the school campuses emit a great feel-good buoyancy and a strong positivity.
  3. Gently welcoming, spacious, modern and ‘interactive’ (Smart) classrooms connected to internet to make learning a live, visual and vibrant experience
  4. All the classrooms are equipped with LED televisions effectively used by teachers as a visual aid.
  1. Wisdom has the least number of students’ strength per section which helps in proper monitoring, personalised attention and fruitful output. For detailed strength per section, see page 2 of this brochure.
  2. Two separate splash pools of different sizes as per age groups of children
  3. Fun-filled water park with spiral slides and fountains
  4. Separate recreational zone for small children
  5. Individual, dedicated storage area in classrooms for all the Pre-Primary students to keep bags and water bottles
  6. Fully air-conditioned, modern auditorium with 300 seating capacity in the Junior Wing
  7. Digital Communication Studio in the Junior Wing to train students in public speaking; to expose them to the world of multimedia and mass communication and to develop listening and speaking skills
  8. Two separate Music Studios to develop the skills in vocal as well as instrumental music
  9. Two separate Dance Studios to train students in classical, folk as well as western dances
  10. Creative Arts Workshops in both the Junior and Senior Wings to nurture the inherent talent of students in fine art, commercial art, origami and other crafts
  11. Information Technology Laboratories in both the wings to train students in the use of computers
  12. Well-stocked, student-friendly, modern libraries in both Junior and the Senior Wings
  13. Modern, well-equipped laboratories/workshops in the Senior Wing for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Fine Art and Self- Management
  14. Skating Rink of International Standards for students in the Senior Wing which is also used by students of the Junior Wing
  15. Training in gymnastics, yoga, skating, handball, cricket, table tennis, badminton and kabaddi provided by professionally qualified coaches
  16. State of the art Amphitheater (Open-Air Theater) in the Senior Wing.
  17. A very modern, indoor sports arena under construction in the Senior Wing ; going to be ready by the end of this year.
  18. Transport facility available on dedicated routes

Safe & Secure Recreational Zone for Small Children

Keeping children’s safety uppermost in our mind we have got installed a 25mm think shockproof, imported multi-colourful flooring EPDM in the play area of Junior Wing. Wisdom is the only school in Kurukshetra and surrounding districts to have such a safety measure.

COVID protection ready classrooms

Another outstanding feature of our school is single seating classrooms in both Junior and Senior wings. We have had this arrangement right since the school started in 2011. Of course, this arrangement is very expensive because we need big size classrooms to accommodate less number of students per section. But we have experienced that this seating arrangement greatly helps in maintaining discipline, checking cheating in examinations and in the present situation, maintaining SOCIAL DISTANCING.

Teaching of "Information Technology" from Grade I to X and "Informatics Practices" in Senior Secondary classes

Wisdom has totally revised and updated the teaching curriculum for Information Technology right from Grade I to Grade X. The innovative and informative curriculum has been presented through specially prepared Worksheets keeping in mind the latest trends in the field. The whole syllabus has been properly graded to prepare students for bigger challenges of modern technology.

Wisdom also offers “Informatics Practices” as one of the subjects at Senior Secondary level in all the three streams — Science, Commerce and Humanities. The curriculum has been based on EDUCATION 4.0 incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Python.

Teaching of "Reasoning " as a regular subject

Wisdom is the pioneer school in the whole of India teaching ‘Reasoning’ as a regular subject from Grade III onwards. We have a full-fledged Department of Reasoning with six specialized teachers imparting skills in verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Apart from honing the thinking and problem solving skills of the students, this training inculcates in them a scientific temper and logical bent of mind. By the time, our students pass out the Grade X examination, they are already prepared to face the competitive examinations in most of which Reasoning is one of the major components.

Training in Self-Management

Self-Management is a unique initiative taken by the school to make students self-dependant and enable them to manage themselves. The idea of Self-Management has been derived from Japanese education system whereby students in Japanese schools are imparted such training. Wisdom is taking it up with students of Grade I to Grade VIII as a compulsory subject. It is a full-fledged department having 6 teachers and 1 guest faculty. Students are trained and taught about life skills varying from polishing shoes, ironing clothes, personal hygiene, setting up dining table to the basics of cooking, first aid, road safety and conducting daily chores.

Serving hot tiffin to students during winters

Wisdom is the only school providing microwave stations on all the floors of both the Senior as well as Junior wings to serve hot tiffin to students during winters. Children are supposed to bring their lunch/snacks etc. in microwave friendly tiffins. They keep their tiffins outside the classrooms. Our dedicated support staff collects all the tiffins and heat them before recess break and place them back outside the classrooms. We are proud of the fact that all the more than 2500 students get hot food during recess.