Rules Regulation

A.  Admission Rules

  • The Admission Committee reserves the right to deny admission to any candidate without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • The admission is on year-to-year basis. However, old students are supposed to reserve their seat for the next class by depositing a sum of Rs. 4000/- along with the fee paid in January the same year.
  • The reservation fee of Rs. 4000/- is adjusted in the Annual Charges at the time of admission. However, this fee can be refunded in case :
    * The student fails to clear the Annual Examination and wants to withdraw from the school.
    * Any of the parents gets transferred outside Kurukshetra and his/ her parents apply for School Leaving Certificate in writing before 31st March. The request for school leaving certificate in such a case should be submitted along with a copy of the official transfer orders.
  • The admission stands automatically cancelled if the admission dues are not paid by the last date and time as given in the Admission Schedule. This applies to old students also. Even if they have reserved their seat by paying the reservation fee, they are supposed to follow the Admission Schedule failing which the seat is declared open and the reservation fee forfeited.
  • The decision of the Admission Committee is final and binding and cannot be challenged.
  • Fee once paid is non-refundable under all circumstances.
  • The admission is provisional and can be cancelled any time during the session on any of the following grounds :
    * Serious acts of indiscipline / indulgence in any unlawful activity/ violence.
    * Misbehaviour with fellow students or teachers.
    * Regular default in payment of school dues.
    * Submission of wrong or misleading facts / fake certificates at the time of admission.
    * Cheating in examinations.
    * Violation of rules and regulations of the school.