Primary Academics


The school follows integrated and interlinked curriculum framed on the guidelines provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The curriculum is designed in such a way that learning is more of a fun than burden. Children learn in a variety of ways -- through experience of making and doing things, experimentation, reading, discussion, asking, listening, thinking, reflecting, and expressing oneself in speech or writing both individually and with others.

Scheme of Studies



  • Language I  : English
  • Language II : Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Science

  • Language I   : English
  • Language II  : Hindi
  • Language III : Japanese (not a part of Summative Assessment)
  • Mathematics
  • General Science
  • Social Science


Co-Scholastic areas offer opportunities for the development of imagination, aesthetic sense, sensitivity and inventiveness all of which are requirements of balanced curriculum and lead to all round development of students .These are taught according to pre-set syllabus. These areas are not formally examined at the end of each term but are graded based on student's participation and teacher's observations. The areas are:

  • General Knowledge
  • Information Technology
  • Yoga
  • Gymnastics
  • Skating
  • Self-Management
  • Music: Vocal & Instrumental
  • Dance: Western & Classical
  • Creative Arts: Drawing, Paper Craft & Clay Moulding

Assessment and Evaluation

The academic year is divided into two terms. The first term is from April to September and the second term is from October to March.

Grade I & II
  • No formal examination like Summative Assessment is held for Grade I & II.
  • Each term has one cycle of weekly tests and internal assessment.
  • The internal assessment includes class activities, oral tests, class response, class work & homework, note books, quizzes etc.

Calculation of Result

Term I Cycle Test 30 Marks
Internal Assessment 20 Marks
Term II Cycle Test 30 Marks
Internal Assessment 20 Marks
Final Assessment : Term I + Term II

Grade III to V
In order to develop the habit of regular studies in the students, each term has two Formative Assessments and one Summative Assessment.

Formative Assessment

Each Formative Assessment has one cycle of unit test and internal assessment. The internal assessment consists of project work, lab activities, oral tests, class response, class work & homework notebooks, summer/winter assignments, quizzes etc.

Summative Assessment

Summative Assessment is made for scholastic areas at the end of each term. The schedule of Summative Assessment is as follows:
Summative Assessment I  : 3rd Week of September
Summative Assessment II : 1st Week of March

Term I Formative Assessment I 10%
Formative Assessment II 10 %
Summative Assessment I 30%
Term II Formative Assessment III 10%
Formative Assessment IV 10%
Summative Assessment II 30%
Final Assessment: Term I + Term II

Syllabus covered in Summative Assessment I is not assessed in Summative Assessment II. A comprehensive assessment Report Card in the form of grades and remarks is issued at the end of each term in October and March apprising the parents about the child's performance. Students absent at an examination for any reason are not re-examined.