About chairman vision

If we closely analyze the very name of the school - Wisdom World School - we can get a clear glimpse of our vision which found shape in the form of this school. It has been named 'wisdom' the attainment of which is and should be the true goal of education. Our objective is not to just impart knowledge for knowledge sake but to guide the students to use knowledge as a means to attain wisdom. I would like to quote Sandra Carey who said, "Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life."

Knowledge is tangible information of which someone is aware. It is an understanding of a subject. But wisdom is to use knowledge coupled with experience and culture to make correct judgments and decisions in day to day life. It is a quality which is best gained through experience and exposure. This is precisely what our school is trying to provide to its students by creating a congenial learning environment. The Zenjin philosophy of education being pursued by the school is also in sync with our vision. We strongly believe that cultural and ethical values are as significant as academics for the development of a well-balanced, rational human being.

Wisdom has also been named a 'world' school because it aims to provide world-class quality education and exposure to students. Right from the early Kindergarten stage children are exposed to an International curriculum - International Pre-school Curriculum (IPC) - which is a thoroughly researched and peer reviewed curriculum provided by IPC, a USA based educational curriculum provider. Right from the beginning children are made to learn things through theme-related activities which makes learning a great effortless fun.

The school is teaching Japanese language as a compulsory subject from Grade V onwards. We have also undertaken Academic-cum-Cultural Exchange programmes with Japanese School, New Delhi as well as a couple of schools in Japan. Two batches of ten students each have already visited our partner schools in Japan in 2012 and 2014. We keep inviting Japanese resource persons from Japan from time to time to conduct workshops in Japanese language and culture. We have also appointed a Japanese national, Mr. Satoshi Hata, as Director (International Affairs) specifically to explore ways and means to provide international exposure to our students.

Wisdom World School has taken commendable strides in a very short span of its existence. A lot has been achieved but a huge lot is yet to be achieved. I visualize a remarkable bright future for this 'nursery of life skills.'

Harish Sachdeva
CEO, Meritech Co. Ltd